Turkiye Scholarship 2022: All You Need To Know

Turkiye Scholarship 2022: All You Need To Know

Turkiye Scholarships 2022 Applications

Turkey offers not only international-level educational opportunities, but also a wealth of knowledge and experience, and offers scholarships for international students from all over the world to study at the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

The Türkiye Scholarship is a government-funded competitive scholarship program awarded to outstanding students and researchers to pursue full-time or short-term programs at the best universities in Turkey.

Turkiye Scholarship 2022: All You Need To Know

The Türkiye Scholarship aims to build a network of future leaders who are committed to strengthening cooperation between countries and mutual understanding between peoples.

The Turkish government has made it a responsibility towards itself every year to provide scholarships to both national and international students all over the globe. In this article, Turkiye scholarship 2022: all you need to know, I have taken a major step to provide you with the necessary information you needed to apply and secure this scholarship, so see you at the top.

Application date: 10 October – 30 November 2022

Applications for the Turkiye Scholarship 2022: all you need to know, are accepted in one period and applications are open between 10 October and 30 November 2022 for international students from all nationalities.

What’s Unique about the Turkey Scholarship?

Here is what makes the Turkiye Scholarships 2022: All you need to know unique is that they cover not only financial aid, tuition fees, accommodation, and health insurance, but also offer accommodation in universities and academic, social, and cultural institutions to their winners at all levels of higher education.

Training Program and Level

  1. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs can be applied.
  2. Applicants for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs can apply.
  3. Other programs such as Research Grants, Success Grants, and KATİP have different application periods and are regularly promoted on our website and social media.

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Why Turkiye Scholarship?

  1. Complete and unique scholarship.
  2. The Türkiye Scholarship takes into account everything international students need during their academic studies as they discover Turkey and acquire new skills.

Turkish scholarships:

  1. Unlike other university scholarship programs, it offers internships at universities and departments.
  2. Pay tuition fees.
  3. Allows you to learn the local language with a 1-year Turkish course. It diversifies the resources in your scientific research and makes everyday life more enjoyable.
  4. Provide accommodation for students arriving in a new country.
  5. Support you during your trip to Turkey and when you return to your country at the end of your education and cover your one-time flight ticket.
  6. Allows you to get comprehensive health services with health insurance if needed.
  7. Also offers a monthly salary. 1000 TL at the Bachelor level, 1400 TL at the Master level, and 1800 TL at the Ph.D. level per month.


Required Documents

When applying online through the Türkiye Scholarship Application System (TBBS), all applicants are required to upload the following documents to the system:

  1. Valid identity card, identity card, or passport.
  2. Candidate photo was taken last year.
  3. National exam results (if any).
  4. Temporary diploma or certificate of graduation.
  5. Copy of International examination results (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.), if required by the chosen university or study program.
  6. Results of international language tests such as TOEFL, and DELF if required by the chosen university or program.
  7. Proposal for a research topic and a written example of your research work (only for Ph.D. applications).

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Important Details:

Many programs at Turkish universities are taught in Turkish. However, some departments and universities may offer programs in English and other languages. Applicants wishing to study in the program must provide an internationally recognized language certificate. (TOEFL or another equivalent certificate if the university officially declares this acceptable). Most of these programs require results from international entrance tests (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.). Applicants can check the language of instruction when selecting a course in the application system.

Applicants for undergraduate degrees possessing international qualifications such as SAT or GCSE in lieu of national examination results must demonstrate the minimum qualifications required to complete secondary school under these international examinations.

All Türkiye scholarship holders who do not hold a C1 certificate in Turkish (including those enrolled in English or another intermediate language program) are required to attend a one-year Turkish language course and obtain a C1 level certificate at the end of their academic year.

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